Galleri Valfisken, Simrishamn, 9. 12. 00 - 15. 1. 01.

Susan Bolgar

Anita Christoffersson began her artistic career as a textile artist, but soon continued exploring other materials - plastic, rubber, steal, enamel. Thereafter she reduced the idiom until a few shapes remained, ultimately the most original, the most fundamental, the most mythical: the circle.

In contrast to this formalized expression, AC started to deeply immerse herself in the questions of vital importance in the form of installations. Last year we could see her large installation "who would dance with you?" at Ronneby Kulturcentrum and "Bakfickan", Lund Art Hall. There AC explored painful questions in a naked and vulnerable form. The art critic at "Sydsvenska Dagbladet", Pontus Kyander, wrote: "It is expressive, personal, strongly loaded with feelings without being stickily private. By entering her own vulnerability she shows our own. It is both strong and beautiful."

But the strict-form exercises have been there in parallel all the time. " To manage to meet your inner person you need a point of departure", AC says. "To set about something which you find chaotic, you must at the same time find a base, somewhere to retire during the breaks in your work of research. So the simple forms work for me. They are my retreat, my repose before my next journey. "

During the years AC has developed her excellent way of dealing with surfaces and bringing out the beauty of the material itself. In the strict geometrical forms, in the totally controlled surface, we might feel both the peace and the strength which pulsate behind it.