Dunkers Kulturhus 2004

what is it you want

Anita Christoffersson

Personal - but universal Beautiful, essential Softspoken - but inescapable

ANITA CHRISTOFFERSSON Invites us to reflect on our deepest needs as humans: being needed, good enough, and loved, pretty, beautiful, accomplished. Hope and faith, insufficiency and self-contempt.

The quiet joy in what is worn and plain. The beauty left by working hands. Meticulous selection, made with loving care. There is a sure, intuitive search for questions and answers in her pieces. Discernible memories of demands made and the conflict between these our needs perceived only vaguely - yet with obvious and authentic clarity.

ANITA CHRISTOFFERSSON'S exhibition exudes energies from the past and also from our own time. The impression is palpable and pleasant.

The fragility of the work, the relationship of the stars, longing, sorrow - but also melancholy.

The lamps, worn, skewed, rickety and shaky. Instant flashes of happiness, vision. Overcoming the dark. All finally lit.

Mending and darning, the endless time taken from a life, the care and attention devoted by an invisible someone to survive in beauty.