Anita Christoffersson

Anita Christoffersson is an alumnus of Goldsmiths´ College, University of London. After work and research abroad, she is now based in Lund, Sweden. Her work has been exhibited in Australia, Denmark, Great Britain, Finland, Japan and Sweden.

Anita Christoffersson´s art involves both intensely private subjects and a markedly more universal approach to matters of form and material. Her work oscillates between textiles, often found or saved for many decades, impregnated with the charge of life, and the circular shapes she explores in a number of scales and materials, all carrying evident references to art history and cultural heritage.

When it comes to materials, Christoffersson´s ranges from textiles, via large sheets of metal, concrete and paper to tiny pins or miniscule newspaper clippings. She makes use of cloth, fabric, towels and yarn, combining them with other objects such as lamps, etc.. The common questions of humanity are brought forth but we, the spectators, furthermore glimpse a personal story deeply embedded in the well-worn fabrics and long-saved pieces of yarn. Her way of arranging and emphasizing aspects of the materials shines a light on the frailty of life.

There is a simplicity and a soft-spoken poetic force in Anita Christoffersson´s pieces which, combined with her existential pathos, will deeply affect all who encounter her work.

Magnus Jensner, Director, Moderna Museet Malmö.
Translation: Yerk Liverod